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About Us

About us

SEVA HE SEVA is a charitable voluntary organization of reputed and dedicated servants of God who devote their time,money and efforts selflessly without any intimation or motive except pure service to the deprived and helpless.SEVA HE SEVA started its jouney on 3rd March,2006 and that year ,on inception started providing tiffin to the schools for blind,dumb and deaf and orphan children every Sunday on a continuous basis.Since then the journey has never stopped irrespective of changing circumstances and lot of obstructions and has now reached 15 years of selfless service. The basic motto of our organization is “SERVICE TO MANKIND IS SERVICE TO GOD “. It feels that God has directed its members to act as medium for distribution of some resources God has given to them.We want to bring revolution among the students of various Schools,Colleges,Universities and other educational institutions by creating awareness to be kind and generous to the needy and the deprived with the little resouces they have. We will monitor their small savings towards being utilised to the society. Thus the objective is” By Thy People For Thy People “ Hence in the process we welcome anybody who is interested to dedicate their resources in this pious work.